Don’t let others derail you! – Tutorial no. 3

May 20, 2020

Don’t let others derail you!

  • If you are always saying yes to others, when will you ever invest in yourself?
  • No. …is a complete sentence!
  • Self-care doesn’t make us selfish – it makes us better able to help others as we are not exhausted.

Dr Audrey Tang

We started by looking into emotions, feelings and coping with others. Then we moved on into looking at what our brand says “about us”. We are now prepared to understand the sentence:
<< do not take it or make it personal >>. An important aspect of business that would help slowing down the spread of conflicts, aggressions, repercussions and war games based on blacklisting. On a personal network, local, national and international levels. 

A BRAND exists in three dimensions, in our capitalistic reality of “rigged games” (#BlackOwned’s war chest pun intended: to give reparation or not to give reparation)
1. Offline reality
2. Online world
3. Mainstream medium

I. OFFLINE REALITY (having physical existence or substance)

Traditionally, brands (the “established since” century ones) spend heavy budgets on their advertisings for us, customers, to be acquainted with their logo, motto and expensive “PHOTOSHOOTS“. We, ourselves, were mainly exposed to them through paper magazines, vintage products with timeless artworks.

#BlackOwned businesses are more often “comfort zone” rundown looking establishments that focus on the quality of their services, products or food rather than their fancy image – state of the art shops decoration, consistent branding marketing … We all heard the joke about Caribbean restaurants: if the shop looks too good or the service is not rude, can the food even be trusted?

II. ONLINE WORLD (third-party free websites, entry level portfolio websites, pro ecommerce hosting)

#BlackOwned business are very proficient to achieve their first logo, social media free profiles and website:
1. Etsy, Afrikrea, Blackbronze shopping … are entry levels of business shops acceptable for small budgets but big hearts. Like in the real world where we expect a big plate of food for a reasonable amount of money with a above and beyond customer service, these self-employed businesses are on “SIDE HUSTLE” flavors.

2. Learning to do your own website, hosted under your chosen domain name, does not require IT brain powers. The Good Hackers have taken care of these for you by developing free platforms with extensive documentations and manuals: wordpress, wix, weebly … Great for portfolio presence: Home, Our services/products, About us, Contact us …

3. Doing your own website, with some basic knowledge of HTML, CSS and PHP (in case you need to tweak the codes, without breaking your bank asking a more experienced webmaster) is one click away with hosting providers. You can even easily integrate ready to deploy ecommerce packages – prestashop, shopify, woocommerce …

Black Owned businesses are gradually equipping themselves in leaving behind the stolen contents/media (unauthorised photos, copyrighted pictures belonging to another businesses – reparation occurred online!) and moving towards BLACK IDENTITY PHOTOSHOPPED arts:
– Photographers like island boi photography
– Stock images like TONL
– Artists libraries displayed with hashtags like #DrawingWhileBlack , #WeAreNigerianCreatives

III. MAINSTREAM MEDIUM (a stream is a steady continuous flow)

Mainstream media is just the traditional (industrial revolutions of the past and manufacturing winners of the present) businesses setting up mediums to ensure their own promotion: publishing (books, newspapers), broadcasting (tv, radio), networking (clubs, high end society) … They created a medium – agency or means of doing something – based on the pursuit of nobility by money and access to powers.
Supremacy was just a side effect but not the main target. Slavery, and the exposure to Black people, did not suddenly introduced ideas and needs for domination. “Discovering” indigenous and renaming their own territories were ingrained in “a certain demographic”, prior to contact with Black people and their mandigo sized third legs (allegedly).

Mainstream medium is the new agencies and mediums to achieve the same amplifier of VOICES and INTERESTS: subject to the ability of #Black #African #Caribbean to push past their personal << black books >>. The black book is the list of people listed by business owners because someone did or said something that was experienced by themselves as a declaration of wars (haters, naysayers, customers bad reviews …). 
Some people anger and level of aggression is such, this blacklisting is automatically happening in their head, they don’t need a physical black book, to keep scores. Based on the common personality of Black People, fiery and driven to rise above, we will all need group therapy to achieve looking past personal frictions while doing business. And to remember the importance of achieving, not just representation in non-black space, but AMPLIFIERS of black timelines, in every spaces. 

ONE DAY, when these three routes will be properly “asphalted” for safe driving while black, wording like “Hustling”, “Trying”, “Wanting” … will not be attached with doing business concentrating on Black interests. Other-ing and Minority-ing your energy into a spell of wasted energies!

Tutorials for SENSIBLE MINDS only (mental issues required – not mental strength)

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Saturday 23rd May What cognitive distortions do to us which stops us thinking clearly?
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