2 years ago

It’s #Lockdown situation! Please don’t judge me …
This statement on Twitter baffled me. One person suggests something. Putting the other person in a position to be right! And creating a Universe that is amazing.

Statement ONE: << PSA: if someone does a “full 360…” *whispers…* they in the same spot they started >>

Statement TWO: << I meant to say a U TURN >>

My statement: YOU ARE still both THE MOST IMPORTANT PARTICLES in The Universe. I do not own any LAB but I achieved it in my mind.

I am even in a mood to create “The Invisible Ink Theorem” to set it all in stones and in my mind:

Mathematics is about achieving equations for the dots, the lines, the shapes and the properties through the invisible ink that one’s eyes can see
_ Signed Dark Matters/Energy


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