Are FAKE-AWAY here to STAY? – #TakeAway #CoronaVirusCrisis

2 years ago

Who remember ordering food after a long day of work? Who remember not feeling like cooking and just put your feet up while munching on “junk food“.
Only feminist, with a good career they will be able to go back to, will be supporting the re-opening of restaurants!

Imagine that …
Their worst nightmares might unfold in front of all eyes to see: women all over Developed Countries enjoying their homemade meals better than the usual take-away that they barely had time to order before collapsing to bed after a draining day at work. WORLD WARS I and II introduced women to the taste of independence through paid work rather than unhappy unions. The CoronaVirus remind now many women of the value and sense of fulfilment, satisfaction and pride in spending time with their families, protecting their loved ones and providing for their own children with their time, their love of cooking (something they actually want to eat: Fake-Away – not have time or strength left to cook) … Experiencing for the first time the “do you have Mc-Donald money” cooking techniques to trick children into eating and finishing their plates.

Workplaces will need ADVERTISING BILLBOARDS and strong arguments to convince women to come back and attend their drama-filled buildings, aggravating or stressing “team-work” environments, fake happy places. Picture that!

Check on your feminist friends … and provide them with first aid life supports when applicable, they are gasping for air (or concentrating their vitriol on Donald Trump!). Or not at all, your feminist friends are ok. It’s business as usual as they are used to work from home and get their rent paid from “shock values” ideas.




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