10 Best Kitchen utensils for DOOMsDay Preppers #SurvivalOfTheKindest

2 years ago

So … based on current events, we are now exploring the best shopping moves to make with our limited amount of money. On a daily basis, we will release an article about the 10 BEST …. of anything CORONAVIRUS related.

Plenty of people are now facing losing their job, temporarily or indefinitely, yet are still faced with the basic necessities imposed by safety, working from home or quarantines. Follow us using the hashtag #EatingWhileBROKE: we are now posting on a daily basis!

Rice Cooker
Bread Maker
Dough Mixer
Water Tank
BBQ Drum/Makeshift Oven
Air Tight Glass containers (conserves)
Vacuum Sealer
Pressure Cooker
NewsPapers (Free)

Rice Cooker:
You can use a classic pot to cook your rice or boil/steam your vegetables. But a rice cooker gives you the added bonus of not needing your attention or monitoring the heat under your rice, to avoid burning it. Perfect rice every single time. And reduced risk of fire should you fall asleep. Or forget about cooking something, being preoccupied.

Bread Maker:
If you have loaded your cupboards with Plain Flour (the shelves are empty in every single shops, so you did), then you will appreciate doing your own fresh bread. Time to get creative with the different types of breads and taste you can come up with … if you do not have a variety of stock to get you through this self isolation.

Dough Mixer:
This doesn’t only achieve cakes. You can also prepare breads, pancakes, home-made mayonnaise … Unless you have energy for hand whisking.

Water Tank:
If you have followed your Netflix Series about end of the world and survivors  scenarios, water become a very precious commodity. And not everyone liked the taste of tap water when the world was a CoronaVirus free place. How about avoiding mandatory medications distributed through your water system! The Government might not know about your personal allergies, in case of emergency …

Well, ask Nigerian people. Random supply of electricity might mess up with your DOOMsDay food plans. Choose a generator that make as less noise as possible, to not attract the attention of less fortunate or nice people (who are angry/hungry/on greed).

BBQ Drum/Makeshift Oven:
Well, same as above. You want to be able to cook your food. Or bake your breads or cakes or pizza.

Air Tight Glass containers (conserves):
Pickles, jams, food storages

Air Vacuum:
You can pack more food in a limited space and extend the shelf life  of your food by removing the air. It preserves your food 3 to 5 times longer than food stored in plastic containers or bags

Pressure Cooker:
Not only you can cook in 20 minutes what would have taken hours. But you also achieve greater tasting meals using less energy (gas or electricity supply). A must have, anyway.

NewsPapers (free):
Why buy Toilet Papers and queue in long lines when you could just recycle newspapers!
A tip from an African friend:

    • dip the newspaper in water
    • achieve a nice mushy texture
    • you got yourself the most environment-friendly wet wipes.

The Planet might thanks you for this by sparing you from catching any Virus. Get in the Universe Good Side.

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