Kitchen Essentials

2 years ago

What is the point of these Kitchen essentials?
For those who usually cook, rather than eat out: to season their food and achieve great tasting dish.
For those going through hardship and financial challenges: stretch how far you can make a simple £1 budget for your food shopping go!

And these ingredients, with a very long “used by date”, can patiently sit in your cupboards and wait for you to want Home Made Restaurant quality dish.

There are 4 different budgets to achieve these kitchen essentials:

  • £5 – Cupboard bare minimums – Basic seasonings for all kitchen
  • £15 – Basics version – Tasty meals maker
  • £30 – Deluxe version – Chinese, Caribbean & Classic meals maker
  • £50 – Super Deluxe version – Chinese, Indian, Caribbean, Classic meals & International food maker

Due to current events, we are pausing our online tips about #EatingWhileBROKE!
We are now exploring through different daily articles, the 10 BEST … to not PANIC while bracing ourselves for collective hard times. The eBook will be published, as previously planned, on Amazon.

Come back here, Monday 30th of March, to explore the Super Deluxe kitchen essentials.

Cupboard bare minimums

Basics version

Super Deluxe version

in progress ...

Deluxe version

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BY: Sylvaine FRANCIS 
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